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Champions aren't made in the gyms.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.




 2011 Junior Legion Photos





2011 West Hempfield Junior Legion Team
Head Coach:  Greg Mori



Tyler Tubbs
Alec Harvat Grant Fox AJ Bove AJ Bove
Grant Fox Grant Fox Brett DiPasquale
Grant Fox Grant Fox Cameron Rendulic
AJ Bove
Brett DiPasquale Brett DiPasquale AJ Bove
Alec Harvat Alec Harvat Alec Harvat Grant Fox
Grant Fox Grant Fox Tyler Hensler
Ryan Smith Tyler Hensler
Joey DiBridge Tyler Hensler
AJ Bove Tyler Hensler Grant Fox
Joey DiBridge Joey DiBridge Andrew Paul Joey DiBridge
Sean Auld Jeff Livengood Tyler Hensler Joey DiBridge
Dominic Mori Brett DiPasquale Coach Mori
Tyler Tubbs
Dominic Mori
Andrew Paul Grant Fox Eric Loucks
Ryan Smith
Grant  Fox
Brett DiPasquale AJ Bove AJ Bove
Brett DiPasquale Brett DiPasquale Tracey Seanor
Julie DiBridge
Richie Marcheleovich
Dylan Sikora Coach Ansick
Alec Harvat
Alec Harvat Ryan Smith
Grant Fox Sean Auld Eric Loucks Joey DiBridge
Sean Auld Coach Ansick
Tyler Hensler
Sean Auld Tyler Tubbs
Tyler Tubbs Tyler Hensler Alec Harvat Anthony Ciorra
Tyler Hens;er Joey DiBridge Nick Ross Eric Loucks
Coach Mori
Tyler Hensler
Joey DiBridge Joey DiBridge
Sean Auld Brett DiPasquale Alec Harvat Gary Harvat