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Champions aren't made in the gyms.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.





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1st & 3rd Coverage’s


If runner breaks early from 1st basepitcher steps back off the pitching rubber and checks runner at 3rd Base (The pitcher must check the runner till he stops or retreats to 3rd Base).  2nd baseman should step into running lane to receive throw from pitcher.  Shortstop covers 2nd base.  Pitcher backs up home plate after the throw to the 2nd Baseman.


Hat 1st & lastCatcher throws runner out attempting 2nd
 base.  Catcher should peek to 3rd base before making throw
      to 2nd to make sure runner at 3rd does not leave early. 

      Shortstop covers 2nd base.  2nd baseman goes to cut position (10 to 15 feet in
      front of 2nd base.  3rd baseman YELLS “4”, “4”, “4” when runner breaks to the

      plate.  2nd baseman only cuts if he hears the 3rd baseman. 

     When giving this sign if the Catcher removes his head gear at the end just
     get the out at 2nd Base. But, the play is run the same.

Chin 1st & last Catcher makes a full arm fake to 2nd Base then checks the runner
      at 3rd Base.   

Chest 1st & lastCatcher makes a snap throw to 3rd base.

Stomach 1st & lastCatcher make a snap throw to the pitcher.