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Champions aren't made in the gyms.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.





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Batting Signs: 
# of touches
Indicator—Bill of Hat

          1 Touch—Bunt

          2 Touches—Steal

                Delay Steal—2 touches then directly to top of hat.

                Early Break Steal—2 touches then face wipe.

          3 Touches—Hit-n-Run

          4 Touches—Gamble—batter bunts through baseball and
                  runner at 1st Base steals.  Runner at 3rd fakes a

          5 Touches—Slash—batter shows bunt then swings and
                  makes contact with the baseball.  We are looking for
                  a ground ball.

          Fake Bunt—Indicator—1 Touch—back to indicator

          Fake Steal—Indicator—2 Touches—back to indicator
          Fake Slash--Indicator--5 Touches--back to indicator

                 Batter shows bunt, shows slash, then bunts.

          Hat off—nothing on

          Take a Pitch—Index Finger

          Green Light to Hit—open palm with right hand
          Green Light to Steal—open palm with left hand

          Squeeze Bunt—Indicator—1 touch—squeeze both ears

                   To acknowledge squeeze hitter grabs barrel of bat and runner
                   tugs on shirt

          Double Squeeze—roll fingers to runner at 2nd  after squeeze sign.

          Repeat Sign—hand down chest