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Champions aren't made in the gyms.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.





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2016 - Cory Hegedus
2015 - Eric Loucks
2014 - Grant Fox
2013 - Tyler Lilja
2012 - Anthony Fanelli
2011 - Zach Zimmerman
2010 - Tim Norris
2009 - Jon Murphy
2008 - Dan Norris
2007 - Zack Martin
2006 - Mike Harvat
2005 - Brandon Gnesda
2004 - Dave Campbell
2003 - Tyler Anderson
2002 - Eric Floriani


Bunt Coverage’s


Blue (1)1st baseman, 3rd baseman, catcher & pitcher charge to field bunt.  2nd  baseman covers 1st base and shortstop covers 2nd base.  Whoever doesn’t field bunt covers 3rd base. 

White (2)1st baseman, catcher, & pitcher charge to field bunt.  2nd baseman covers 1st base, shortstop covers 2nd base, and 3rd baseman covers 3rd base.  3rd baseman only handles the hard bunt to get an out. 

Gray (3)3rd baseman, catcher, & pitcher charge to field bunt.  1st baseman covers 1st base, 2nd baseman covers 2nd base, shortstop covers 3rd base.

Black (ROYGBIV) (4)1st baseman & pitcher charge cover bunt.  From stretch  position shortstop breaks hard to 2nd for pick-off.  Runner must go back to 2nd.  If he does pitcher throws fastball to plate if the runner doesn’t pitcher steps off.  3rd baseman covers 3rd.  Shortstop covers 2nd, and 2nd baseman covers 1st.


Any Gay Color (5)--Same as black except pitcher spin moves pick at 2nd base.